Safe cast string to enum

In on of my projects I had make an interface between database and web service in C# code.

One of problem I had to face was need to cast strings to enumerable types, because of simple fact that database have no idea what is an ‘enum’. Yes simplest mapping between an enumeration and database type is integer. It is simplest but in my idea not best. For example I really do not remember (or do not WANT to remember) what is the meaning of 4 integer value in case of package shipment status. Continue reading “Safe cast string to enum”

Smart string builder

In this rare times when I was writing code that suppose to create large string from smaller chunks and with some non string parameters I was using StringBuilder class of course. Of course because string adding, or string concatenation is very costly when talking about memory utilization. It is because every time you do this:

var text = "Hello world!"+ "n"+ "How are you?";

new string is created for every ‘+’ operation in memory. Not a best way of doing strings creations. StringBuilder is better because it do not creates strings until you call .ToString method of StringBuilder class. Continue reading “Smart string builder”

WebSocket libraries comparison

Web project often requires to push data to clients as fast as possible, whenever it is necessary without waiting for client request. It is perfect for website with real time communication between users, like with online communicators for example. Or document collaboration tools. Or maybe system status updates on long running calculation/tasks performed by server. In every case two way communication mechanism is ideal. Continue reading “WebSocket libraries comparison”