Automatic scrolling to edited text box in Xamarin Android.

Important note: this should work well with newer version of Xamarin (2.3.3). If you cannot update for some reason this article will explain workaround.


In previous article I explained how to detect show and hide events of software keyboard in Xamarin Android. I did it in my project because of the fact that some of text boxes was hidden by software keyboard that suppose to edit contents of those text boxes. In this article I will explain how to work around this issue in some older versions of Xamarin. Continue reading “Automatic scrolling to edited text box in Xamarin Android.”

ViewFactory for Xamarin application

First things first – Why?

First of all I do not like how creating of views and navigation works in Xamarin.

There is much boilerplate needed to just navigate from one page to another.

Typically like in Xamarin documentation we have to obtain INavigation interface instance, create instance of a new page, create instance of view model and all dependencies it requires.

When you page do not require view model things are real easy and Xamarin sample is just enough. Continue reading “ViewFactory for Xamarin application”