Xamarin Master-Detail Page

This article as previous ones (Frame With Padding, Frame Outline Problem, Inheritance from Implicit Styles) also will be about Xamarin.
This time we will inspect Master-Detail page control/mechanism. You can find official documentation for this control here.

Quick spoiler: I never used this in any production application. Why? I will explain. Whole article will be to explain why this is just not worth your time. In this and subsequent articles I will introduce much better solution. Continue reading “Xamarin Master-Detail Page”

Xamarin Style based on implicit Style

Next article about bugs in Xamarin will touch topic of Styles. Styles for all of controls not only Frame (and if you wondering why Frame you should check first two articles about Xamarin here and here).
First of all if you are using Styles in Xamarin you probably know how to define implicit styles. If not here is a sample:

    <Style TargetType="Label">
      <Setter Property="FontSize" Value="45" />

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Xamarin Frame and disappearing Outline

This is another article in mini series of Xamarin bugs and workarounds for them 🙂 Previous one you can find here.

This one is again about Frame control. I promise that another one will be about something else B)

Issue can be observed when you bind BackgroundColor property of Frame control and something will trigger change of view model source property binded to background color. Continue reading “Xamarin Frame and disappearing Outline”