Pattern matching

Pattern matching is used for:

  • testing expression to check if some value have certain characteristics
  • safer compare because ‘==’ and ‘!=’ can be overloaded


a is int number
sequence is IList<T> list

switch statement:

command switch
   Operation.SystemTest => RunDiagnostics(),
   Operation.Start => StartSystem(),
   Operation.Stop => StopSystem(),
   Operation.Reset => ResetToReady(),
   _ => throw new ArgumentException("Invalid enum value for command", nameof(command)),

switch with ranges:

tempInFahrenheit switch
    (> 32) and (< 212) => "liquid",
    < 32 => "solid",
    > 212 => "gas",
    32 => "solid/liquid transition",
    212 => "liquid / gas transition",

collection pattern matching:

array is [1,1,2,3,5,8, ..]

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