Why I don’t like Python anymore.

It was few years back on my first year of studies, when my friend told me about Python. Then it was great for me. One-liners could read ftp folders, web pages, interact with operation system, list comprehension, injecting code into life programs, nested functions, procedural as object oriented programming styles etc. etc. All of this in builtin libraries with simple but yet quite functional editor, supported with great documentation. I wrote my first studies project in Python and I was proud with it a little 😉 During next years I was using Python for writing simple scripts to automate my professional work as PHP programmer. Python was and I still think is better language then PHP. After that I started to work as .NET/C# developer. It has different syntax but C similarities let me to learn it quite quick. Framework .NET is powerful tool also so I didn’t touch Python for 2 or 3 years at least for anything longer then few lines. Continue reading “Why I don’t like Python anymore.”